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I am thrilled to announce that BEHEMOTH, my collaboration with J.K. Woodward, is being published by Scout Comics and their Black Caravan imprint, in July of 2022! Pre-order at your local comic book store or at Previews by June 1.

It's a story about retaining your humanity when the world wants to make you a monster.

"Echo Of The Hum," is my newest episode of the fiction anthology podcast, The Truth. It is the fourth in our post-apocalyptic 'hum' series, and is another perspective on the events of and leading up to the episode, "Shadow Of The Hum." As in that episode, I play the character of, 'Ivan.'

The story is the third in a series set in the post-apocalypitic 'hum' world following, "After the Hum," and "Into the Hum."

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My newest story for the The Truth, "Breakfast in Wartime," just dropped! It's ... nuts. But it deals with topics I think are timely, fascinating, and complicated. I'm incredibly proud of the story, the exceptional cast we assembled, and the always impressive production by Jonathan Mitchell.

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